Office Business Service

What is Office Business Service ?

Specifically, office business service provides enterprises with business addresses and support services, including mail processing, answering calls, meeting rooms, etc., and provide support for enterprises that do not need to rent a physical office, thereby enhancing their corporate image. The office business services we provide depend on for the services you need.

Why choose Li Siyao Accounting Firm?

1. Meet the needs of various company operations

A reliable company must have a good corporate image. The most basic thing is an address that matches the corporate image, which can help customers increase their confidence in the company. An excellent address is only the most basic element of a virtual office. You can also Choosing more different types of value-added services can not only enhance the corporate image, but also meet the actual operational needs of the company.


2. Multiple office locations to choose from

Provide Hong Kong registered address to collect company mail. It is located in a well-known high-quality commercial building along the MTR, and provides the best service in the most convenient location.


3. Good customer service

From the very beginning of our service, we have been committed to supporting entrepreneurs, serving local SMEs and domestic and foreign enterprises. Dedicating to customers with altruistic spirit, in order to make customers feel more at ease, quickly develop enterprises and expand network.


4. Comprehensive business services

One-stop business support for entrepreneurs, providing the best quality services in the most convenient location, effectively enhancing their corporate image.

Office Business Service contents

Office Facilities:

1 Office desk table and chair, computer

2 independent phone numbers and independent fax numbers for unlimited reception

3 Daily office cleaning service

4 Free of air conditioning, electricity, management fees and rates

5 High-speed broadband Internet access

6 Unlimited Unlimited WIFI Internet Access

7 Local and international calls

8 Steam, boil, air fryer provides

9 refrigerators with shared service

10 separate toilets and washrooms

11 24/7 smart card access and security video surveillance

12 1 meeting room for 12 people

13 Ploycom video conferencing system

14 Pacific Coffee Instant Coffee and Campaign Drinks

15Color Printing and Scanning Services


Business support:

1 Professional reception service

2 Mail and express delivery service

3 Registered address registration

4 Store the company nameplate in the reception lobby

Email notification after 5 generations answer the phone and leave a message

6 Immediately forward to the local number after answering the call

7 Transfer to local number or voicemail after office hours


It is legal to use a office business services as the registered office address. According to the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance , a licensee must hold a "Company Service Provider Licence" before operating a business centre in Hong Kong to provide services, otherwise it is an offence. Therefore, the business address provided by the virtual office is legally required.


Q2 : Can the company name be displayed on the electronic water sign ?

 LSY Accountancy Services Limited provides mobile electronic water sign and fixed water sign service for customers to choose, and displays the company name to visitors in a visible position.

Q3 : Can I use the office business services to answer customer calls instead of the company ?

Yes, our office business service provides a dedicated line for customers to use, ensuring that every incoming call will be answered by a professional team in your company's name, which will help enhance your company's image.

Q4 : What can I do if fail to collect the letter during office hours ?

 LSY Accountancy Services Limited provides you with a letter forwarding service, which can forward letters to designated addresses or other branches of Hong Kong letter to facilitate customers to receive letters.

Q5 : How can an office business service help a company develop its business ?

Without investing a lot of capital, you can have an office address with very convenient transportation, and immediately have a professional team to provide services such as front desk reception, administrative secretary, fax sending and receiving, so as to enhance the corporate image.

Q6 : The company often has customers visiting, can I rent a conference room ?

 LSY Accountancy Services Limited has set up business centers in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories to provide conference room rental services. Customers can choose the meeting room location according to their needs. Basic equipment such as Wifi , whiteboard, projector and stationery are provided in the meeting room . Customers only need to provide an appointment time, and priority will be given to customers to use the conference room.

Q7 : If colleagues need to work together in the office, will there be a space available ?

Li Siyao Accounting Firm has open co-working spaces in Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kwun Tong and Sha Tin, which can be rented daily or monthly if necessary.

Q8 : If I am using a Office Business Service, can I switch to a serviced office in the middle ?

Yes, Li Siyao Accounting Firm is more than happy to provide clients with any service plan. If the customer upgrades the service plan in the middle of the contract, the remaining fee will be transferred to the new contract.