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International Trademark Registration

Why register a trademark?Why should I register my trademark?

A trademark is a sign that distinguishes the goods or services of other companies.
It is also an importantintangible asset that can be quantified by enterprises. More and more entrepreneurs are patrollingtrademark registration to protect their rights and interests.
Trademark registration has a very clear regionalprotection feature, and different countries have different trademark registration rules.
From a commercialpoint of view, a trademark is the brand of your goods or services. Only when you register a trademark canyou have the exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to the goods and services concerned.
If othermerchants use the trademark on the same or similar goods or services without your consent in the areawhere the trademark is registered, you can ask them to stop the infringement and pay compensation.
However, if you do not have a trademark registration, it will be more difficult to prove that you own thetrademark.
Don't think that there is no registered trademark, just lack of protection. If a competitorregisters your trademark first, you may be sued at any time, and even affect your normal business in thefuture.
Trademark registration experts from Li Siyao Accounting Firm know the laws and procedures of trademarkregistration in various countries.
Provide global investors with trademark registration services in more than 170 countries and regions


The "Nice International Classification of Goods and Services" provided by the World Intellectual PropertyOrganization is generally divided into 45 categories, including categories 1-34 for goods and 35-45 forservices.

Twocommon symbols
® |A registered trademark, protected by trademark law, is usually marked on the upper right or lower rightof a brand to inform consumers and competitors that the brand is a registered trademark.™|is the abbreviation of Trademark(i.e. "trademark"), which is usually marked on the upper right or lowerright of the brand to inform relevant consumers and competitors that the brand has been used as atrademark, but not necessarily registered ( Unregistered are not protected by law).TMis used when theacceptance notice has been received but the trademark registration certificate has not been issued.


Our services includes
• Search and assessment
•Provide advice on trademark registration
• Trademark registration application
• Changes, renewals, supplements, assignments and licenses of trademarks
•Trademark review, rejection, defense, revocation, opposition and disputes
• Receive trademark registration certificate on behalf of
•Assist in trademark customs filing protection
•Assist in handling trademark rights protection and anti-counterfeiting
• Assist in handling trademark infringement lawsuits

Patent application

Patent search and evaluation
• Patent application and document writing
• Grant application
• Patent reexamination and related legal matters
• Annual fee payment, patent project change, patent transfer, patent license
• Patent invalidation, patent right restoration request
• Dispute mediation and related litigation

Copyright registration

Copyright protection consulting
•Copyright transfer, licensing, pledge and other related services
•Assist in applying for judicial and administrative protection of copyright
•Assist in handling Internet intellectual property disputes

Customs record of intellectual property rights

Customs filing consultation and intellectual property protection advice

Currency management of customs filing documents

Apply for sea record protection

Dispute mediation and related litigation