Long-distancing business services

What is The remote-able services for the business operating enterprises in between Hong Kong and Mainland China ?


The remote-able business operating for Chinese and Hong Kong enterprises is a long-distance service for cross-border business between China and Hong Kong that many small and medium-sized enterprises are currently unable to operate or expand normally due to the impact of the new crown virus epidemic. Because we understand that many small and medium-sized enterprises and personnel are closing the customs, the epidemic prevention measures such as long-term isolation and quarantine are hindered. Under the epidemic prevention policy, it is impossible to manage cross-border enterprises and deal with personnel issues normally, leaving many entrepreneurs trapped and helpless.


However, we are honored that the parent company of Li Siyao Accounting Firm, " Cheukyin Business Group Limited ", fully invested in " Shenzhen Zhuoxian Business Holding Co., Ltd. " in Shenzhen as early as 2008 . Shenzhen company website:


It has been operating for 14 years so far, with a stable team, very rich management experience, complete supporting facilities, abundant resources of the enterprise chamber of commerce and government, and has laid a sufficient foundation and ability to serve customers well. This is also the gospel of the bosses. If you are lucky enough to browse our website, contact us immediately or if you have a friend who needs help, tell him our contact information:

 +852 93011319 or +86 13890141319 Ms Li


LSY Accounting Firm has launched the following services amid the continued instability of the epidemic:


Remote China and Hong Kong company registration services

Office rental service

Bank Account Opening Service

Company accounts, accounts and tax returns

Personnel management (formulation of labor contracts between China and Hong Kong, handling of social security/mandatory provident fund, tailor-made salary performance, employee attendance supervision)

Company website construction and design

logo design

Open social platform accounts, basic business promotion and operation

Case 1

Client 1: Dr. Chan

Dejin Consulting Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Under the epidemic, this Hong Kong customer was unable to come to Shenzhen in person to open and handle the establishment of a foreign-funded enterprise in Shenzhen and found us. After many times of contact and communication with customers, we understand the needs of customers and analyze them for customers. Finally, we design ideal business services for our clients, and support other services related to the establishment of foreign companies, such as renting Shenzhen offices, personnel recruitment, etc. During the whole process, the client handles the above services remotely in the Hong Kong office;


Established scope of services:

The establishment of Shenzhen foreign-funded enterprises,

Leasing office space for lease contract

set up an account

tax return


The following is a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation with the customer:

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Case 2

Client 2: Mr. Wan

Shenzhen Zhenke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Under the epidemic, the Hong Kong customer was unable to go to Shenzhen to deal with the existing Shenzhen company, personnel management issues, labor contract crisis and company accounts. Therefore, after many times of contact and communication with customers, after understanding the needs of customers. Through the analysis of the needs of customer companies, we provide professional knowledge about labor law, taxation, etc. in the Mainland. Finally, we recommend ideal business services for our clients, and support other personnel management services, company accounts, etc. During the whole process, Mr. Yin avoided labor risks and solved tax risks in a timely manner through remote business services.


Established scope of services:

Solve the crisis of personnel contracts; redraw legal and effective employee labor contracts

Setting Compensation Performance in the IT Industry

Re-establish a legal and regulated financial system


Shenzhen Zhenke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


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Case 3

Client 3: Mr. Chan

Shenzhen Jianhong Trading Co., Ltd.


Under the epidemic, the Hong Kong customer was unable to go to Shenzhen to set up a company and sign a contract with a large Shenzhen company. Because of the other company, it is required that the customer must be a Shenzhen company before signing the contract, and need to provide domestic VAT invoices and the company's import and export trade qualifications. Mr. Chen faced the difficulty of cooperating with the other party, but Mr. Chen did not want to give up this cooperation opportunity. Therefore, through the introduction of a friend, we, Li Siyao Accounting Firm, helped to deal with it.


At the same time, Mr. Chen does not have the rigid conditions of bank account, company address, etc. in Shenzhen. In addition, the partner also has a deadline to provide all company information within one month. Due to the impact of the epidemic and the urgency of time, we deliberately expedite the handling of Mr. Chen's case.


Within a month , he handled foreign-funded enterprises in Shenzhen , rented office space, handled lease contracts, handled English notarization, opened bank accounts, made accounts and tax declarations, etc. In this one, Mr. Chen only needs to handle all business remotely through our " China-Hong Kong Enterprise Remote Business Service" . Finally, the contract was successfully signed with the partner.


Established scope of services:


Established Shenzhen foreign-funded enterprise


rent office in Shenzhen


 Process lease contract


English translation notarization


open a banking account


tax return


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It will be confirmed on December 1, 2021, and the agreement will be signed to receive payment

Handle the lease contract on December 3, 2021

Business license on December 7, 2021

On December 8, 2021, complete the English notarization documents

December 13, 2021 Video meeting for the banking account opening

Bank account available on December 24, 2021


With the cooperation of the experienced Shenzhen company team, we successfully completed the task 6 days ahead of schedule.








Case 4

Client 4: Mr. Sun

general international trading co., ltd.


Long before the epidemic, Mr. Sun, a mainland customer, had planned to set up a company in Hong Kong and open a Hong Kong bank account. However, the impact of the epidemic has hindered Mr. Sun from expanding domestic physical factories and expanding international trade business. However, because Mr. Sun couldn't go to Hong Kong to deal with the establishment of the company, the overall operation, bank accounts, etc., we had our company in Hong Kong to help with all the affairs. During the whole process, Mr. Sun even failed to come to Hong Kong to handle the business. By using our remote business services for Chinese and Hong Kong enterprises, the cost of time, expenses, etc. that need to be quarantined in Hong Kong will be avoided.


Established scope of services:

Set up a Hong Kong limited company

Hong Kong registered address

Hong Kong company website

Logo Design

Brand Building

Business promotion and operation of various promotion social platforms; Facebook , Instagram ,

For Hong Kong local fixed line telephone, mobile phone service plan

Opening HSBC banking account

Personnel recruitment


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Website planning and production completed




Facebook, IG, whatApp, weChat


Instagram @general_products_int


Facebook @General Products International Trading Company


Enterprise distance business service is in progress...